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What you must know

TbmpEdit is a GPL-licensed editor of PalmOS bitmap resources (Tbmp, tAIB and abmp). It runs on your PDA. Developed entirely with OnBoardC . Functionality is rather limited and at the time it is likely to crash without any obvious cause.
Before installing and using read this page carefully.
TbmpEdit runs only on devices with PalmOS 5.x and a high-density screen. About 220 kb storage space is required for the application, 50kb for MathLib, and some 10kb per plugin you decide to install. FontBucket will be taken advantage of, if installed, but is not required. MathLib is obligatory. Amount of dynamic memory needed depends on the size of edited bitmap and enabled features.
What you must know
before using TbmpEdit:

1 - TbmpEdit edits only PalmOS standard bitmap resources (single- and double-density of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 bit depth of both endianess).
2 - requires a lot of free ram.
3 - there is hardly any error checking.
4 - sufficiently tested only on Tungsten|T (but it has been reported to work on T|T3, T|E, T|C, Zire 71, Clie TJ37 and on Clie NX70V).
5 - it might, and is quite likely to, corrupt resources - backup often.
6 - DO NOT USE RsrcEdit TO OPEN RESOURCES WHICH INCLUDE DOUBLE-DENSITY BITMAPS ! RsrcEdit does not support hi-res and will either crash or corrupt the resource (behaviour not entirely unique to RsrcEdit).
7 - many buttons may not work as expected or may not work at all - that is to be expected (at this stage).

TbmpEdit can do the basic, pixel-per-pixel editing. The maximum dimensions of edited bitmap depend on the amount of free memory and bitmap's depth (I have succesfully edited 320x320 16bit and 640x480 8bit bitmaps).
Implementation of fancy non-realistic effects is sheduled for near but unknown future.
Support for native *.jpeg/*.foo files is/will be provided by JpegPlugin/FooPlugin. Contact me if you want your favourite file type supported (at the moment only jpeg and windows bitmap files are supported - 18.6.04).
Pseudo-3D transformations are more-or-less usable now.
To know more of the implemented features you would have to install the .prc and tap at everything that's tapable (I am too lazy to give an honest account of all of them here).
If you wish to see some feature added email me a thorough description of what it should be like.
Here you can get the most recent version of TbmpEdit, while here you can obtain old versions.
The zip archives contain:

TbmpEdit.prc - main application executable;
TbmpEdit Jpeg Plugin.prc - JPEG read/write plugin, requires JpegLib for Palm by Nyctergatis ;
TbmpEdit Jpeg Sony Plugin.prc - JPEG read/write plugin, only for Clie devices, uses a library built into Sony handhelds;
TbmpEdit BMP Plugin.prc - windows bitmap read/write plugin;
TbmpEdit prc_vfs Plugin.prc - read/write access for prc files located on VFS card;

You will also need MathLib by Rick Huebner .

There is no manual. All the help you might need is available inside the app, under the "Help" menu. Besides, TbmpEdit is rather straightforward in use (and I'm always here to answer your questions).
Send your e-mails to ughh at wp dot pl . Include "TbmpEdit" in the subject, just to let me know it's not spam.
Allow 3 days for reply.
Copyright 2005 Peter Moko.
This page is Palm-friendly.
Optimized for WebPro browser and 320x320 resolution :)
Modified on 21 February 2005.

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